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It is often heard from business owners that "I'm just a small business, what do I need CCTV services for?

I cannot meet the expense of it. The truth of the matter is that even small businesses cannot afford to not have CCTV services. CCTV services are not just a deterrent to petty theft; CCTV services can provide a return on investment in many other ways.

The most obvious and the most utilized portion of CCTV services is a deterrent against shoplifting. CCTV cameras can be placed to monitor the more "desirable" products displayed in the store and these cameras can monitor for shoplifters. One product that has become desirable in recent times is the meat counter in the grocery or super store. The theft of meat (steaks and roasts) from that area has become more and more prevalent during hard economic times.

The empty domes or the "dummy" cameras may serve as a deterrent to shrinkage; however a true CCTV system provides numerous other benefits to the owner. CCTV coverage can be used to view and monitor the number of customers entering the store at any time. This data can be used to determine staffing levels on the store floor and the staffing of the store can be adjusted to meet the needs of the customer. Meeting the needs of the customer is a prime objective of any retail store. Providing outstanding customer service meets the needs and results in return sales for the store.

Many businesses think they know who their valuable employees are. In many cases, appearances can be deceiving. When management is not on the sales floor or in the manufacturing area, they do not truly know who is working with the most productivity. Just as CCTV services monitor customers, the same services can monitor employees to determine which employees are the most productive. This surveillance can be accomplished at any time and provides management an accurate view of just who is working and who isn't.

There is hardly a business in existence today that has not been threatened by a nuisance lawsuit. A customer claims that a slip or fall on a wet floor or on ice outside the business caused them serious injury. It is extraordinarily difficult to prove that the plaintiff is lying about the slip or fall without actual evidence. CCTV services can provide that evidence. The time/date stamp on the video can show that the plaintiff did not slip and fall at the time that they stated they did. This evidence is incontrovertible and highly admissible in a court of law.

CCTV services are reasonably priced for the protection that they provide to the small business owner. The CCTV services protect against theft, monitor traffic flow of customers, provide a check on staff and protect against nuisance lawsuits. This adaptable, reliable service provides any business owner a measure of security knowing that someone is watching the store all day, every day.

A well designed CCTV service for your companies needs does prove most cases of how an accident or injury happened and thus proving the exact circumstances behind an OH&S litigation claim.


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