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10 Tips to Home Security

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To keep your home safe starts with looking over the security systems that are available to ensure that the authorities are alerted to potential intruders. However, there are other measures that should be taken as well which will also protect your home.

Lock the Doors and Windows: First, be sure that all entranceways into your home are properly locked. Remember that intruders are looking for the easiest targets, so make your home more secure by locking up all the ways to get inside.

Illuminate the Outside: Take a walk around your home at night and identify the areas where darkness can assist an intruder in getting into your home. You can purchase inexpensive lighting that will illuminate those areas.

Bar the Door: Deadbolts and other types of locking systems work well for the front door. But if you have a door to the outside that is seldom used, put a bar on it. A bar will make the door almost impossible to break in.

Close the Drapes: You don’t want to announce to everyone what you have inside your home that might invite intruders to enter. So, keep your drapes closed in rooms where you have things of value that someone might want to steal.

Hide the Valuables: Small items such as cash or jewelry should be kept in safe places in the home. One very effective idea is to hide the small items in fake books, electrical sockets or other places that a burglar will overlook.

Secure Larger Items: While it is difficult to imagine someone walking out with a large screen TV, remember that some burglars are clever enough to bring a large vehicle. If you can secure your larger valuable items as best you can so that burglars will have to waste more time trying to get them out.

Have an Escape Plan: Your family should not only have a fire drill, but one for intruders as well. There should be a way to alert everyone that an intruder may be present and a drill so that everyone will know what to do.

List Your Valuables: In case your home is burglarized, you’ll want to have a full list of the valuables in your home so you can report them to the police and to your insurance company as well. It takes a little time to make such a list, but it will certainly be worth it if the worst should happen.

Put in a Home Security System: This is arguably the best defense against intrusion and your family will feel safer as a result. There are many excellent home security systems on the market that include access control and other features to help your residence become as safe as possible.

Announce you have a Home Security System: Putting a sign prominently outside your home announcing there is a security system in place acts as a great deterrent to would-be intruders.

By following these tips you can keep your family safer from intruders. Be sure to call the home security system experts at Hulk Security so that your family can be fully protected.


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