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Apartment Security - Follow Intercom Security Tips

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Apartment buildings in cities often require the use of intercom technology in order for tenants and guests to communicate with each other. Since people are constantly going in and out of an apartment building, the association of the building limits access to the property by only allowing tenants and guests inside. If a guest comes to the door, the tenant has the ability to talk to the guest through the intercom. If they want to let the guest inside, they can push the unlock button and the front door to the building will open. Of course, this kind of security can easily be foiled if somebody gets buzzed in and an intruder behind them catches the door before it closes. There could also be someone impersonating somebody else that you know by changing their voice on the intercom. That is why you need to follow important security tips when using an intercom and buzzing people in to the building.

As far as unauthorized people following you while you enter the building, make sure you report them to the security of the building if it exists. If not, try to warn your neighbors about anyone suspicious that you see outside of your building. When you are in your apartment and someone is talking to you outside through the intercom, make sure you get them to confirm who they are. Chances are you will be expecting visitors when they come to see you anyways. If somebody talks to you through the intercom and you aren’t expecting them, do not buzz them in unless you truly know who they are. Don’t just ask for their name, but instead make them answer some personal questions that only the real person would know the answer to. If they refuse or if they get them wrong, then don’t let them in. You have to think about your safety as well as the safety of the other people who live in your building.

When visitors come to the front door and choose a person to call through the intercom, the list of tenants will sometimes include the apartment numbers next to their names. Make sure your apartment number is not next to your name. If it is then ask your landlord to have it removed because of the security risk that it poses. There should be no reason why they would refuse to do that. Either way, if your apartment building has an association, then go to the next association meeting and request that all the apartment numbers get erased from the list of tenants next to the intercom. That way if an intruder does get inside the building, they won’t know which apartment number you are in.


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