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Access card systems provide businesses with the way to limit access to a building or business location to only those employees who need to be there. This is particularly useful in situations where the front door may be accessible to the general public. Without a card, the doors remain locked and access is limited.

Types of Access Card Readers

There are different types of access card readers. The first, works in much the same way that a credit card reader works. The magnetic strip on the back of the access card contains the data specific to the person trying to gain entry. Based on this information, the system will allow or deny access depending on what has been specified by the system administrator. The second type of reader, a proximity card reader, simply requires that the card be close enough for the reader to access the embedded computer information. The card is used by waving it over the reader when access is granted the user is given an audible beep that lets them know that the reader sees the card. This works in conjunction with a red or green light that indicates whether access has been allowed or denied.

Most of the cards designed to work with these systems have a company logo as well as a picture of the employee on the badge itself. These badges also act as company identification. In some cases these cards can act in a dual role. Some companies use access badges with their time clocks as well as their security system. The employees use them to clock in and clock out as well as gain access to the building. The magnetic strip on the back of the card can be encoded with a lot of information and depending on the information or system that it will be used with, can serve multiple purposes.

Benefit of Access Card

A large benefit to many companies, card access systems limit the need for security personnel to man the doors and check for credentials. Giving employees the ability to complete their own security check by swiping their badge prevents backlogs and expedites the security process. Admittedly, the system isn't perfect but does provide a way for employees to gain access to a building in a fast and efficient manner.

Because it's possible for someone who is not authorized to gain access to the badge of another, it's important to maintain strict controls on unassigned badges and to educate employees about the importance of security as well as preventing unknown people from entering the building. Unauthorized people often "piggyback" off of legitimate employees to gain entry after they have waved their card over the proximity card reader. This is where employees can help management by notifying security personnel of anyone they don't recognize who has entered the building by following an employee with a badge inside.

Close circuit cameras are often used in conjunction with a card access system. They serve to identify unauthorized people when a problem occurs or question of entry comes up. This allows security personnel or management to review video footage of all people gaining access to the building. Should a theft or security breach occur, law enforcement can also use this footage to determine identity and assist with their investigation.

Administrative Access

Administration of the card access system involves a centrally located computer in a secure area. The security system administrator uses this computer to access the card reader system to add and remove users as needed. Depending on the nature of the business and the number of users, each user is set up with access to a specific room or area. In some cases, some users need access to areas with higher sensitivity such as data centers, vaults and other areas where sensitive information is stored. This is particularly true in banks, hospitals and government offices. These types of businesses require tighter control and security measures to control traffic in and out of sensitive areas.

Although your business might not be of a sensitive nature, the information contained within your computer system, storage rooms or simply sitting on a desk is vital to your business and should be protected. Allowing open access to the general public puts your business at risk and potential competitors could gain access to this information. Card reader systems ensure that only those employees that need this information are allowed to see it. Business can be very competitive and having this sensitive information could give your competitors a leading-edge. Hackers and would-be thieves often gain this information simply by walking into a business unnoticed.

Card reader systems provide security for your data as well as your personnel. They prevent access to your business by unauthorized people that may have less than good intentions. Whether preventing a former disgruntled employee from entering the building, or simply providing tighter security for sensitive areas, card reader systems give business owners a way to control access while still allowing employees the freedom to come and go as needed.


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