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Home Security Systems

How Intruders Break In?

  • 22% Back Door
  • 4% Basement
  • 23% 1st Floor Windows
  • 34% Front Door
  • 9% Garage
  • 6% Unlocked Entrances & Storage Areas
  • 3% 2nd Floor

    Securing your door and installing a motion sensor is a great first step to ensuring your home and protects the majority of home intrusions.

Fire Hazards


  • Fire spreads quickly and often times there is no time to gather valuables or make a phone call.
  • About 85% of all U.S. Fire Deaths in 2013 Occurred in Homes.
  • The size of a fire Doubles in 30 seconds
  • It takes 3 minutes for a fire to spread through a house.

    • Install fire / Smoke detectors
    • Kepp a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, laundry room and garage.
    • Create a fire evacuation plan with your family.

Home Security

  1. Home security systems can include cameras that can be hooked up to your TV, computer, or even a smartphone.
  2. Surveillance - A peep hole in the door can help you control who is on your property
  3. Alarms - Install systems that have loud sirens - you and neighbours will be alerted of intrusions to your home.
  4. Door & Windows: A. Toughened Glass B. Solid Door C. Install A Lock D. Don't advertise valuables
  5. Fences - A fence that's too low will offer no protection, while one that's too high can be claustrophobic. Ensure that the fance is not each to climb. If your fance has an entry pointm install a lockable gate. 
  6. Outdoors - Cut back trees and shrubbery - these could provide cover for thieves
  7. Movement sensor lights expose anyone entering your property at night.
  8. Locks - Deadlocks, dead bolts and dead latches are commonly used on the main exterior doors. These can either be surface or mortice-mounted. A dead bolt is not spring activated and is released by a key on either side of the door. A dead latch automaticaly locks the door with a spring-actuated latch bolt.

Money and Jewellery are most commonly stolen during a break-in

242,400 Households - were the victims of at least one break-in to their hime, garage or shed in the year previous to 2013
722,800 Households - Were affected by malicious property damage in 2013
The State Of Crime - Northern territory had the highest victimisation rate, while victoria had the lowest.

Home alarm prevent crime

  • 62% of burglaries take place at night
  • 50% of homeowners stated that parcel deliveries left outside was a big draw
  • 94% of homeowners leave windows open
  • 52% of homeowners make the common mistake of hiding keys by doorways
  • 78% leave valuables in easy view of passers by
  • 12 million consumers feel a burglar alarm is a deterrent

Goods most commonly stolen in burglaries

  • 34% Money
  • 30% Electrical
  • 34% Computers
  • 24% Jewellery
  • 17% Mobiles


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