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Intercom Systems

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Intercom systems are some of the most commonly chosen in the New York City area, particularly in tall buildings where communication is a must. Considering that security must keep track of all the people going into and out of a building that may have thousands of people inside, intercom systems are a powerful asset to alarm systems in commercial structures.

What are Intercom Systems?

Essentially, these are similar in function to old fashioned analog systems that have been in use for several decades. However, unlike the old systems where it could be difficult to understand the person on the other end because of poor wiring, a bad speaker or even interference from outside sources, the new systems are digital in nature which makes it easy to understand each other even if separated by a great distance.

In addition to being linked within the building, these systems are linked to other sources as well so that if someone is not in the building and an outside source needs to be contacted, that can be handled through the intercom systems depending on its overall design.

The Advantages of Intercom Systems

As part of the access control systems to a commercial building or apartment in NYC for example, an intercom serves a very valuable role in facilitating the communication through the structure is a quick, efficient manner.

Speed: Intercom systems require no dialing or set up by the user to contact someone who is inside or at a particular location. Simply press the button and it will be answered as quickly as possible. This helps speed communications through the building to the benefit of the residents, employees and security.

Simplicity: Although they use advanced digital technology, the emphasis is on the simplicity in calling into or out from the building when needed. A person trying to enter can simply press the button to be put in contact with security. A person on the inside may be able to talk to someone either just outside or even to another building depending on the set up.

Convenience: There is something about the instant communication abilities of intercom systems that make them a vital part of the security access control systems in many buildings around the New York area. There is nothing like hearing a human voice over the intercom which keeps the lines of communication open so that security can react in a prompt manner to all types of situations.

Basically, intercom systems play an important role in the overall security of buildings, particularly tall skyscrapers where other forms of communication take longer or a less convenient to use.

If your building is in need of a new intercom system or you want to beef up your current security situation, then Hulk Security Systems provides the best in terms of digital communications for your intercom needs. Our friendly, courteous staff will explain all about our security systems, including digital intercoms and answer all of your questions so that you can make the best informed decision about including this vital part of security communication to your building.


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