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Think Like a Burglar: Where to Burglars Strike?

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There are those who say that the best way to protect your home from intruders is to think like a burglar. This means getting inside the mindset of an intruder so you can view your home like they do. If you can think like a burglar, you can then take steps to better protect your property.

The Five Steps to Thinking Like a Burglar

Here are the five things you need to keep in mind when thinking like a burglar in terms of protecting your home. Remember to take notes and make observations along the way so that you can take the appropriate steps to ensuring the protection of your home. While you only need to set aside a short amount of time, it can make all the difference when it comes to the safety and protection of your home.

Step Out into the Front Yard: Burglars will often “case” or look over a home well before they decide to break in. So, put yourself in their shoes by standing out in the front yard of your home near the curb and noting what you see;

  • How well do you see the front of your home?
  • Are the entranceways and windows all visible?
  • Is the yard well kept? Does the home look occupied at all times? 
  • Is there anything to indicate that your home has any sort of security system?

These are the important first questions that you must ask when first viewing your home. The initial impression is quite influential to burglars who will act if they see obvious vulnerabilities.

Step Up to Your Home: Here, you’ll want to check the entranceways and the windows all around your home and see if they are locked up tight. If they are not, then you’ll need to note this and make the right changes. Be sure to circle your home and check ALL potential entry points and take notes on any potential vulnerable places.

Go Out at Night: When it gets dark, go out in your front yard all the way to the curb again. Is your home well lit? Are the windows hidden from view because of the darkness?

Walk Around Your Home Again: Here, you are looking for any dark places where a burglar might enter. Be sure to take notes, especially of any potential weaknesses that you see.

Take Appropriate Action: You’ll want to do the following from the notes you have taken;

  • Secure any vulnerable entryways
  • Close the drapes on windows that reveal valuables
  • Put motion sensor lights in dark areas
  • Make your home look secure

The more secure your home appears, the less likely it will be for a burglar to enter. You can do more to protect your home with burglary alarms and a security system that keeps your home safe and sound.

In addition, you can add an intercom system or even a CCTV unit depending on the size of your residence and property for additional security. The home security systems by Hulk Security are designed to be effective and affordable to provide your home with the protection it deserves. Call today and find out more about the services offered by Hulk Security.


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