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At Home Tips To Help You Feel More Secure

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Feeling more secure at home starts by examining all the places in your residence where you feel that a break-in might take place. It helps if you hire a professional security company, but you can make an initial inspection yourself to find the most vulnerable places in your home. When you tour your home on the inside and outside, you should consider the following;

  • Do the entrances to your home have deadbolts and are they well lit?
  • Are the windows locked and secured?
  • Are there any places to enter the home where an intruder cannot be seen?

These are important questions because the more vulnerable your home appears, the more likely an intruder might find it to be an inviting target. So, here are a few tips that you can use to help make you feel more secure at home while dissuading a potential intruder.

Lock the Doors: This may seem rather basic, but it really helps you feel more secure if you lock all the entranceways to your home with deadbolts. Plus, if you have an entranceway that you seldom use, such as the door connecting the garage to the backyard for example, the place a bar on the inside the door to prevent it from being kicked in.

Add Sensor Lights: Burglars and intruders do not like having the places they stalk lit up by a motion detector light. So, be sure you put them high enough up to light up the area.

Put Away Valuable Items: Small, portable electronic devices such as laptops, iPods and the like are perfect targets for thieves. You’ll want to put them away whenever possible so that it makes it harder for those who do manage to break into your home to find.

Keep your Keys Away from the Front Door: While handy, having your keys so close to the door makes the vulnerable to being taken by thieves for easy entry. This is especially true if you have a mail slot or some other way for a thief to fish a wire into your home and fetch the keys.

Timer Switches: Using timer switches to activate the lights in your home and draw the curtains will provide the illusion that your residence is occupied when you are away. This makes it less vulnerable to intruders.

Invest in a Security System: This is one of the best ways to be secure. A burglary alarm combined with an intercom system will warn you of a potential intruder and allow you to warn the rest of the family as well. The intercom system lets visitors communicate with you from the outside as well as connecting you with the rest of the household.

Today, home security systems are fairly inexpensive and can even be combined with CCTV systems if you have a large property that needs to be covered. For more information about home security systems, contact the professionals at Hulk Security. They have the systems, knowledge and experience to help keep you safe and secure.



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